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Click here for a video of author Adrianna Cuevas talking about her influences and writing process when crafting The Total Eclipse of Nestor Lopez.

Click here for a video of author Adrianna Cuevas reading chapter 1 of The Total Eclipse of Nestor Lopez.

Download the Teacher Guide for The Total Eclipse of Nestor Lopez here: TEACHER GUIDE

Join Adrianna as she discusses students’ top 10 questions with fellow spooky book authors Kim Ventrella, Josh Roberts, and Janet Fox on YouTube.

Watch Adrianna’s Middle Ground Bookfest panel with PJ Gardner, Celesta Rimington, Karah Sutton, Kaela Noel, and James Bird- To Speak or Not to Speak: Blending Research, Culture, and Magic in Animal Stories.


Suggested audience: 3rd-6th grade
Presented to individual classes or a combination of classes (100 students maximum).
The author will provide a 15-minute talk involving the writing and publishing process and conduct a 15-minute question and answer session with students.
Ideally, students will have already read The Total Eclipse of Nestor Lopez before the virtual session in order to best facilitate the book discussion.
Fee for Skype visit: For the 2020-2021 school year, I will be offering free virtual visits for classes.
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Suggested audience: 3rd-6th grade
Audience size: 250 students maximum
An interactive presentation that takes students on a journey to becoming an author. Includes insights into the author’s life and road to publication as well as a reading from The Total Eclipse of Nestor Lopez. Students will learn how to foster creativity and tell their own stories.
A book signing (15-20 minutes) can be included.
Fee for in-person presentation:
Within 50 miles of Austin, TX- $200/day
Beyond 50 miles of Austin, TX- $450/day plus travel (including accommodations, if necessary)
Outside of Texas- $750/day plus travel (including airfare and accommodations, if necessary)
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