Adrianna Cuevas is the author of Nestor’s Guide to Unpacking (FSG/Macmillan), set to publish May 12, 2020.

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Nestor's Guide to Unpacking

All Nestor Lopez wants is to live in one place for more than a few months and have dinner with his dad. But when you’re the son of an Army sergeant deployed in Afghanistan, you get used to never really having a home and moving so often, you’ve had ten first days in six years of school.
Nestor finally has a chance to live off-base when he and his mother move to New Haven, Texas to live with his grandmother. Nestor plans to lay low and bide his time until his mom announces the inevitable next move. He certainly has no intention of letting anyone find out his deepest secret- he can talk to animals.
But New Haven turns out to be much different than Nestor’s previous towns. Nestor’s long-held secret of being able to communicate with animals is put front and center when New Haven is threatened by a tule vieja, a witch that can morph into animals. As the town’s animals begin disappearing and his grandmother is accused, Nestor must chose between keeping his secret and defending his family and friends. With his father deployed thousands of miles away, Nestor relies on his own strengths, as well as those of his new friends, to save New Haven, a place he just might dare to call home.

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